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Entry #2

Ozzfest 07

2007-08-26 14:33:53 by Popop878

Friday last day was Ozzfest in Pittsburgh. I was expecting it to be decent with the bands that were there, me not really fond of them. It was amazing though, the mosh pit that Lamb of God made was the biggest anyone has ever seen! It was atleast 50 feet by 30 feet.

They did a good job, Mr. Lordi is a pyromaniac and was taking props from boxes and they either bursted out flames or blew up. Even though I haven't heard of them, they were great.

~Static X~
They did OK, I wasn't really listening to them because I was wandering around to get food and using the bathroom. But from what I was listening to they did a decent job.

~Lamb of God~
Out of all of the other bands ( discluding Ozzy ), they were the best. Like I said above, they made a huge 50 feet by 30 feet mosh pit cirlce with people just running around it. It also started a few fires out in the lawn. I only heard them from GHII ( Guitar Hero 2, if you are that stupid ), and I liked them.

Obviously, he was the best there. With Rob Zombie's bass player, Blasko - Black Label Society's, Zakk Wylde - and people who I don't remember on drums and keyboard, made it the second best Ozzfest I've seen with 2005 being the best. Wylde had a guitar solo that stretched on for around 14 minutes which lead right into the Star Spangled Banner. They opened with Bark at the Moon - one of my favorites. But the choice of playing slow and bad songs, made me decide of leave. Left right after Zakk Wylde's guitar solo because he went into another slow song.

Well, that was Ozzfest 07 for Pittsburgh, if anyone was there, and I missed some good stuff, comment.

- I would like to know about the bands on the second stage - by the time i got there, it was full and the last band was on.


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